I have to say inflight wifi is probably one of the best things ever. I am writing this post on the airplane. How freaking cool is that? What can I say? I’m easily amused. Willie and I have been super excited to go to California (to run) and just to go on a vacation. Little did we know getting there was going to be such a problem. For some reason, our flight to Dallas was delayed which caused us to miss our connecting flight to San Diego. I have never missed a flight in my life. But that is where… View Post

On Memorial Day, Willie and I ran the The Patriot Half Marathon (me) and 5k (him) to support Carry The Load.  We started out being very excited about this race but it kind of got over shadowed by the race we will run in San Diego on Sunday!  But this was the hardest race I’ve ever ran.  There was humidity and wind and hills. I’m just not use to the rolling hills so I had to take it slow.  Plus, I wasn’t interested in injuring myself where I couldn’t run in SAN DIEGO!  You see?  It’s become that important to… View Post

*This post is not sponsored or paid for by any entity.  It may seem like we are pushing Healthy Choice meals here, but we’re not.  This is just something we found and loved on our weight loss journey.  You will always be notified before reading a post if it is paid and/or sponsored. This is the most frequently asked question from blog readers and every day people. I wish I could share something amazing with you, but just don’t have it to share.  I cook two meals a day most days and lunch really isn’t one of those meals.  I… View Post

Fear is a crazy thing.  It will make me second guess my choices, it will make me afraid to take a risk, it will hold me back in life. Fear always creeps up when I’m feeling the strongest to cast a shadow of doubt over my life.  I’ve been trying to figure out why I’ve been going through such a roller coaster lately with pretty much everything and it all comes down to fear!  Fear is a bad thing.  I remember being little and not being afraid of anything.  I went through life being my bravest self; becoming an adult… View Post

The weekend has come to a close and I’m glad to report that this week was a good one.  Last weekend I was so down in the dumps and miserable, but things were totally different this week.  On Saturday morning, I got up made breakfast and was ready to run with Willie. I did a short 4 mile run and then headed off to do my weight training at the gym. This is probably a big reason why I was having a good weekend. I made it to weight training throughout the week and I was really proud of myself.… View Post