Last night we had the opportunity to be on Huffington Post Live to talk about our weight loss experience. We’ve been getting a lot of requests to be on tv lately and I must admit this kind of makes me uncomfortable. I’m still really self conscious and haven’t settled into my new skin yet. Last night I felt like we were on a panel with a bunch of media pros! Everyone on the panel had such amazing stories and it was just fun to talk to them about their experiences. It is always great to have someone say exactly what… View Post

Last week in San Diego I almost ate pizza before the race.  I really wanted this pizza, but I couldn’t have pizza unless Willie had some too.  Willie didn’t want pizza; he wanted lasagna.  No pizza for me, but that doesn’t mean I stopped wanting it.  I’ve been on a mission to find a way to have a healthy version of pizza. We’ve done the cauliflower pizza crust thing. It’s really good, but it takes too long to make. By the time I was done making it, I didn’t want to eat. I had to find something better. We already… View Post

Today is National Running Day!  What a great day to celebrate running and why people choose to run. I’ve never really talked about why I run so this gives me the perfect opportunity to tell the world.  In 2013, I’ve run five half marathons, two 10Ks, one 10 milers, one 5K and logged many miles on the road in my free time.  This year I became a runner! I run for many reasons.  I run because I never thought I would be able to because of my weight.  I never thought I would shed the weight and be able to… View Post

We went to San Diego to run! My first Rock n Roll race was the Dallas race and I loved the experience so much I had to go again. I had no idea that San Diego would have so many people racing. There were a lot of people. Plus, Willie decided RnR San Diego was going to be his first half marathon! This made me so very happy, but I’ll talk more about that later. On Friday we went to the expo to register Willie and to pick up all of our stuff. This expo was really nice and we… View Post

It’s sad to say but the trip to San Diego is over. We’re currently on the plane flying home, so this is good time to blog. We had a great amazing time while we were here and met some really great people. We had a chance to share our story which is something we didn’t anticipate. It’s funny how our shirts attract people and we just end up talking to everyone. It’s super great to be in a position to tell our story and inspire others to accomplish ANY goal they might have in life. Friday morning Willie and I… View Post