This is a very hard blog post for me to write.  In fact, I’ve been putting it off for a LONG time.  I took a period off from blogging when I found out I was pregnant because what I wanted to write about I couldn’t.  It was a secret that I couldn’t share…yet.  I aim to be as transparent as possible with my blog when I finally decide to talk about something.  This is my Thinking Out Loud post.  This one is going to be hard. When I found out I was pregnant, I was happy but at the same… View Post

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails lately about taking the steps to weight loss.  I don’t know where all the new people popped up from, but I’m happy to have you here.  I’ve talked about the weight loss journey many times but I’m going to take a different approach to the topic today.  It’s an ever changing and growing process and I think I have something to add to the subject. So here is my first step to weight loss: Be confident. Embarking on a weight loss journey is physical and emotional.  It was the hardest and easiest thing… View Post

It’s Monday! It’s the beginning of the new week and it’s time to start anew. Remember, there are good things about Mondays. There are a couple of things I have gotten away from that I think are very important and I don’t know why I stopped going them. The first thing is setting weekly and monthly goals. The monthly goal post was something I did regularly on the blog but I got away from it for some reason. Maybe I thought no one was interested in my goals or just thought it was a meaningless post…and that may actually be… View Post

I should have posted this yesterday but I guess you didn’t need to know that part of the story. I just didn’t know where I wanted to post to go. Change is a powerful thing. Sometimes change is good and sometimes change throws the world into chaos. But I guess I’m more interested in what sparks change. This week I was taken back to that moment when I decided to change. I’m often asked why we decided to go on our weight loss journey. What was the thing that changed our minds? I’ve said it before and I’ve been reminded… View Post

I’m a big proponent of eating what you want in moderation because if you don’t eat it there are several things that happen. Like you you start to constantly think about eating that one thing and then that can manfiest itself into something else.  Then instead of just eating a small piece or just enjoying whatever it is you want…you hit the binge. The binge is never a good place to be because in my case, it just leaves me feeling horrible about myself and then I’m stuck in food regret.  I don’t regret many things in life, but I… View Post