Progress is moving forward, moving toward achieving a goal.  Progress is always welcome but doesn’t always come easy. There are a few things I am currently working on: Trying to lose my pregnancy weight. Find the balance and time to get my workouts in on a consistent basis. Getting back into running…at the pace I’m more familiar running. There have been times when I’ve felt completely helpless during this time and there have been the moments when I thought I was taking steps backward.  When progress doesn’t show its face, its hard to find the motivation to keep moving forward.… View Post

I feel like I’m sneaking to blog.  It’s in the wee hours of the morning but I need to get this in.  Last week I made the mistake of blogging about nonsense and then the baby woke up so I didn’t get to finish the post.  It’s sad, but I’m already wasting time.  Let’s get with it: Running.  I’m starting to get back into it.  I’ve gone back to it and things are so much better. Granted, I’m a wee bit slower (like almost 4 minutes a mile slower) than what I use to be, but I’ll get back there.… View Post

I’m on a mission to lose my pregnancy weight.  I wish it would just roll off but it’s not. I have to admit I am really uncomfortable in my skin right now.  It’s bothering me so much but things will get better.  The first thing I did to make myself feel “normal” again was to get out of the maternity clothes.  The pregnant look was cute for me when I was pregnant; not so much anymore. How much weight am I trying to lose?  I’m trying to lose the 15 pounds left over from the baby and then I’ll work… View Post

I’m barely keeping things together.  Having a new baby is challenging.  It’s not so much the sleep thing that is getting me, it’s the everything else.  Changing of the diapers, feeding and just making sure she’s content are the hard parts for me.  That’s the biggest adjustment in my life. Plus, I’ve been having to do work in the in-between times which is something I didn’t think I would have to do.  But I still have to pay the bills, right? I am learning that I need to make some time for myself.  There’s a lot of learning going on… View Post

I’m desperately trying to stay afloat which got me thinking about a couple of things.  It’s the beginning of the year so everyone is focused on weight loss, hitting the gym and eating healthy meals.  There is so much more to weight loss than just those things.  It’s a process and sometimes it’s easy to overlook some of the smaller things. Sleep is so important.  Right now I have a tiny one who is controlling my sleep schedule so it’s been a little rough. She seems to be getting more than enough sleep; it’s me who seems to be suffering.… View Post