It’s the day that we all loved as kids because we could dress up like anything and get free candy for it!  And of course, there are the pumpkins.  Children get so excited about pumpkins and most adults don’t enjoy the carving process.  I wonder if it’s because it’s too messy or just too time consuming? Last Saturday, we took our god daughter to the pumpkin patch. She was running around that place so fast and having the time of her life, even though there weren’t many pumpkins left. That’s understandable though because Halloween was very near. She is all… View Post

Grocery shopping sometimes is a pain, but it’s really something I have learned to enjoy. I thought I would share some of my tips with you on grocery shopping so maybe your shopping experience can be fun too! Last night I was talking with a friend about going to the grocery store and she said some things to me about grocery shopping, like keeping a small basket because she didn’t have a list, that made me want to write this post! 1. Make a list. When I don’t have a list I end up wasting time at the store and… View Post