Race Recap: Garmin in the Land of Oz Marathon

Happy Marathon Monday!  Today is the Boston Marathon and every runner is glued to the television. I had to watch it on my iPad at work. One day I hope to run Boston but qualifying is not in my sights or anywhere attainable right now.  I’ll get there one day though.  Since it’s Marathon Monday, I thought it was only fitting that I share my race recap of the Garmin in The Land of Oz recap with you today! I traveled to Olathe, KS to run this marathon. The weather wasn’t forecasted to be the best and I was a… View Post

Race Recap: Mississippi Blues Marathon

This past weekend, I ran the Mississippi Blues Marathon in Jackson, MS.  This race made Runner’s World Best Marathons to run this year.  I was highly intrigued about this race making the list.  Jackson isn’t exactly the travel hot spot so I really wondered what the fuss was about.  I quickly learned but I’ll get to that later. This race was also the marathon maniac reunion race of 2015!  Last year the reunion race was The Louisiana Marathon, but I was just running my first marathon at that race.  It was exciting to be a Marathon Maniac this year and… View Post

Race Recap: St. Jude Memphis Marathon

Please excuse me while I talk about this race with great emotion.  This race was supposed to be my first race last year but we all know what happened.  This year it was Willie’s first marathon!  When we arrived in Memphis, I felt like I was running a marathon for the first time.  I was nervous.  I was excited.  I didn’t know what to expect.  There was only one thing I was interested in: watching Willie cross the finish line. Willie has a strict “no running with me” rule and I had to abide by it.  It’s probably a good… View Post

The beginning of MY quest

If you’ve been reading the blog, you may have noticed between the lines that I’ve been in search of something.  The past 6 years I’ve been trying to move in a positive direction after being so not positive for a long period of life.  Before I played the victim, I complained all the time and nothing could ever make me happy.  It wasn’t a great situation which didn’t make me a fun person to be around.  A lot of my personal relationships suffered greatly and I knew I had to make a change.  Today I feel like I’ve taken a… View Post