Six:02 and The Reebok Skyscape Runaround

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. This past weekend I visited my local Six:02 store at Memorial City Mall to buy some Reebok Skyscapes. I must start this off by telling you I knew nothing about Six:02 and I’m not a real big fan of Reebok. Spoiler alert: things have changed on that front. My first impression of the store: this store is for women! I loved the modern feel of the store. Everything had a place and it was very organized. The store sells different brands from Asics to Reebok so there is… View Post

Recovery from the weekend with Pro Compression

It was a big weekend because I did my 20 miler on Saturday.  Yesterday was a rest day.  Rest days are important to give your body a recharge.  It may sound funny coming from me because most people don’t think I take a rest, but I know when my body needs a rest.  Always remember to listen to your body. Recovery has been a big deal to me lately and I’ve taken the time to really educate myself on it.  I was doing it wrong for so long.  It’s hard to think about putting the calories back in your body… View Post

The 62 mile bike ride: Year 2

This was my second year doing the Katy Flatland Century, BUT this was Willie’s first “big boy” bike ride ever. I’ve really wanted him to ride with me but road bikes are expensive. He was kind enough to let me get my bike first. He really wanted to make sure he would love the experience before he dropped that much money on a bike. So we borrowed a bike from our good friends for the occasion. Luckily, Rodale sent me some books on cycling for beginners which we both looked through. Yes, I got my bike last year but I’m… View Post

Embrace the Space: My Altra running shoes

I didn’t post yesterday because I guess I was too busy working out.  LOL!  It’s launch week at the gym so it’s always a busy week and I like to try all the new classes too.  Yesterday I taught cycle twice and then I needed to go for a run. It was my first run since the 50K and I felt good. It got me thinking, “maybe it’s the shoes?” I think I should have worn my new shoes to the race on Saturday night. I really think it would have made a difference. A couple of weeks ago I… View Post

My veggetti experience

Last week Jes and I purchased the veggetti.  I’d seen the veggetti before but I never remembered to pick it up when I was out.  We saw a commercial for it while we were eating dinner and immediately we went out to purchase one. It was a very exciting moment. I couldn’t wait to try it. So last night I tried it. The veggetti works very easily. Watch your fingers though at some points, but it’s nothing serious. I used zucchini and summer squash. It was on sale this week! It was fast and it left the veggies looking funny.… View Post