Eating all natural with Healthy Choice

Last week Willie came home with something new but I didn’t pay much attention to it. The past two weeks of meals have been filled with Healthy Choice steamers because there just wasn’t enough time to prepare lunch. This was the next best option for us. From previous posts you know we are big fans of these meals and Willie noticed the company added on with Simply Cafe Steamers. Before I get started, I just want you to know I was not paid or compensated for anything I’m saying right now.  This is just a normal daily thing in our life that I thought I would share.

Healthy choice all natural
He said he liked it so I thought it was best that I try it too. It’s research, right? I purchased two but I was a bad blogger and only took pictures of one. (Mainly because this is the one I didn’t eat.) I purchased chicken fried rice and lemon herb chicken.

So what’s the big difference? First off, these Simply Cafe Steamers cost about $1.25 MORE than the original Cafe Steamer meals. Secondly, these meals contain no artificial ingredients and are 100% natural chicken. Willie also commented on there being more food in these meals with the same or less calories. But maybe that’s because these meals use natural ingredients and they seem more filling. But there is half a oz more of food apparently.

I haven’t eaten the lemon herb chicken meal but I did eat the chicken fried rice which I really enjoyed. I felt a little horrible cheating on my kung pao chicken (which has also gone through a recipe change with whole grains but this meal was really tasty. Did I taste the difference? The chicken was better in this meal compared to others. Other than that, it tasted the same high quality version of the meals I grown to love except this time there are no artificial ingredients.

The other meals in the Simply Cafe Steamer line are chicken pasta primavera and meatball marinara. I’ll have to try those too.

I didn’t hate it and I would buy it again.  If you’re really concerned about eating without the artificial ingredients this is the product for you.  I guess it’s just a choice of personal preference.  I really enjoy all the meals so the jury is still out if this is a big deal for me or not.

Would the 100% natural chicken and no artificial ingredients make a difference to you?

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Giveaway: Runningluv handles your sweat

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Snack time:  Mamma Chia Clean Energy Giveaway

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A training shoe: Asics GEL-Fit Sana

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