Giveaway: Big Slice Apples make a great snack

I’m giving something away and it’s good.  I recieved a really great box of goodies a couple of weeks back and I just needed to share with everyone.  I mentioned it in my video and I was finally able to give it a tray. Big Slice Apples are ready to eat cooked apples, made with real fruit and are naturally gluten free. There is something for everyone because there are 16 great flavors. I haven’t tried them all but I’ve tried most and I haven’t found one I don’t like. It’s a great new snack!  I love apples!  Apples are… View Post

Eggland’s Best Eggs: a nutrient dense food

Nutrient dense foods vs. empty calories is something I’ve been wanting to address on the blog for a long time. I don’t know why I haven’t done it before now. It’s summer and I’m training for a marathon (SHOCKER!) and it’s important for me to get all the great nutrients out of my food that I possibly can…especially now that we’ve switched to a plant-based diet. The harder the workouts, the more I need to replace all that stuff leaving my body. Food is fuel and that is something you should remember when you’re consuming your calories.  Food fuels our… View Post

Get a healthy dose of Vitamin D

It’s summer so let’s go out and enjoy some rays and soak up some Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is important for keeping strong and healthy bones and is vital for the body to absorb all that Vitamin C. As women, I’m really concerned about osteoporosis especially as I grow older and getting a healthy dose of vitamin D will hopefully keep that away. It’s a rainy day here in southeast Texas so it’s only appropriate that I talk about Vitamin D.  It’s hard to get your vitamin D when the sun isn’t out. This D vitamin helps our immune system… View Post

Spring cleaning up my diet

It’s spring time and if you’ve been following me on social media, you may have noticed that I’ve been spring cleaning my house.  It’s all kinds of a mess but when I was done it was all kinds of great!  I packed up my winter clothes, throw away things I didn’t need anymore and just cleared the clutter.  My house is in order so now I need to spring clean my diet. It’s spring time so a lot of great things are back in season.  I’ve really been enjoying the fact that I can have all the watermelon in the… View Post

Eating all natural with Healthy Choice

Last week Willie came home with something new but I didn’t pay much attention to it. The past two weeks of meals have been filled with Healthy Choice steamers because there just wasn’t enough time to prepare lunch. This was the next best option for us. From previous posts you know we are big fans of these meals and Willie noticed the company added on with Simply Cafe Steamers. Before I get started, I just want you to know I was not paid or compensated for anything I’m saying right now.  This is just a normal daily thing in our… View Post