Last night we had the opportunity to be on Huffington Post Live to talk about our weight loss experience. We’ve been getting a lot of requests to be on tv lately and I must admit this kind of makes me uncomfortable. I’m still really self conscious and haven’t settled into my new skin yet. Last night I felt like we were on a panel with a bunch of media pros! Everyone on the panel had such amazing stories and it was just fun to talk to them about their experiences. It is always great to have someone say exactly what… View Post

Fear is a crazy thing.  It will make me second guess my choices, it will make me afraid to take a risk, it will hold me back in life. Fear always creeps up when I’m feeling the strongest to cast a shadow of doubt over my life.  I’ve been trying to figure out why I’ve been going through such a roller coaster lately with pretty much everything and it all comes down to fear!  Fear is a bad thing.  I remember being little and not being afraid of anything.  I went through life being my bravest self; becoming an adult… View Post

This past weekend was doozie for me.  I didn’t really want to talk to anyone, do anything, or even concentrate on television.  I completely lacked the motivation to move.  All I wanted to do was sit on the couch and maybe watch some television, but that was a BIG maybe. I don’t know what put me in this horrible mood, but it happened.  Last Friday I decided I needed a work out break because my workouts that week sounded like I was ordering hamburgers from Wendy’s:  triple (M), double (Tu), triple (W) and double (Th).  When Saturday morning came around… View Post

“I’m going to start my new diet and workout routine on Monday.” This is a statement that many people including myself have uttered at one time or another. Sometime during the week before, we make a conscious effort to get our plan in place. We write out what we’re going to do and what we can and can’t eat. We’re excited and are so ready for that upcoming Monday. My question to you is: Why wait until Monday? There’s six other days of the week. Any day is the “perfect” day to make a plan of action. Start today if… View Post

Sadly, the Gusher is over, but there are plenty of memories to last me a lifetime.  Running in that race was one of the best days of my life.  There were a lot of people to meet and there were a lot of inspiring stories to be heard. Days like this are a reminder of why we make southeast Texas our home. Last year, I was scared and lone, but this year was a different story.  What a difference a year makes! Besides blisters on my feet and some windy weather, I have no complaints about the day and will… View Post