This week I turned down my dream job because in the end it wasn’t really my dream job. It was a great job and I’m honored to have been offered the job. In the end, I knew the job was amazing but it wasn’t my time for this job. It was a very emotional process for me and I learned a couple of things: 1. Ultimately, my husband will always come first. What he thinks and feels has always been important to me. I travel a lot but I do that because I want to do that. I control the… View Post

I’ve been working on things around the site. You may have noticed some changes. I’m going for a new look. There have been a couple of bugs but I think things are finally smoothing over. I am excited for a new start on an old thing. I want to talk about celebration. Everyone should stop right now and just stop to celebrate something about yourself. Big, little, tiny, miniscule…whatever it is, it’s worthy of celebration. I hear so many things in life. “Well I only ran 2 miles.” “I was only able to do the stairmaster for 12 minutes.” “I… View Post

I’ve been contemplating my goals for the new year.  I’m taking a new approach to my goals this year.  I sat down to think about what I accomplish in the new year and most of them come in the form of being true to myself and using my voice.  It seems to be more internal than physical.  I don’t know what that really means. 1.  I want to stay true to myself.  I’m a people pleaser, I don’t want people to be upset or hurt by my actions. That sometimes interferes with my thought making process because I make decisions… View Post

The new year is coming which means it’s time to make new plans.  It’s time to move forward.  It’s time to leave 2014 in the past.  The door of possibilities swings open again, so don’t be close minded!  Take the time to explore new avenues of in life.  Try something that you never thought you would do.  Even if you don’t like or love it, at least you tried it! This is the time to start anew.  The best piece of advice I can give to you is to set goals and do everything in your power to achieve those… View Post

It’s a big world out there and sometimes it’s hard to navigate and stay true to yourself.  I remember my teenage years and all the adults claiming “you’ll find yourself as your grow older.”  Everyone has heard the “just be you and don’t worry about what other people think” speech, but it’s easier said than done, right? As I grow older though, I think it becomes harder to be who you are without being conscious of what other people may think or say. It never gets easier and it never goes away.  It’s something everyone has to work towards.  Just… View Post