Don’t get lost in the shuffle.

There is one person that always gets lost in the shuffle of life and that person is you.  We spend so much time worrying and taking care of others that the most neglected person in our lives turns out to be ourselves.  It’s perfectly OK to care about others and it’s human nature to want to help people.  In most situations, it’s mandatory for us to take care of other people from our spouses to kids. But don’t forget about yourself.  You’re an important part of your life because without…your life wouldn’t be life.  I know it sounds simple and… View Post

Food doesn’t control me

Back in the day, eating was a main event.  I use to get excited about it.  There was so many possibilities and so many meals to be had. In college, this girl’s favorite thing to do was slam 20 chicken nuggets, large fries and two cheeseburgers.  I use to really enjoy a big drink and an extra large portion of chili cheese tater tots for a snack.  I would REALLY get excited about those things.  Eating was my sport of choice and I loved every minute of it. Fast forward to now, I’m really not that excited about food. I… View Post

Refreshed and recharged after getting my joy stolen

I have to be honest, I’m writing this for myself today. Notice that I haven’t been as bright and friendly around the blog parts lately? Things haven’t been good but things are better. I think I was just left feeling a little lost after the month of the February. I had a little struggle that turned into something big and I didn’t deal with it right. I resorted to old habits and that kind of scared me. I lost motivation. I lost my drive. I was consumed and over taken by my emotions and it just left me empty. No… View Post

Always be proud of yourself

I know I’ve been out of the loop for a week but I’m glad to finally be making my return to the world.  It was a rough couple of weeks for me.  Thank you to everyone who sent e-mails asking if I was OK.  Those were greatly appreciated and made me smile. On this Monday morning I wanted to share a message with everyone.  Always be proud of yourself. Every challenge that you conquer and every feat you never thought you would do is something to celebrate and remember. Be proud of what you have accomplished.  Be proud of the… View Post

Taking risks to chase big dreams. It’s time to shine.

Spending the weekend with my mom, I learned a lot about myself. It’s always nice to know that whenever things change, some things are still the same. She told me stories about me being protective with my feelings, being a rule follower, always trying to be helpful, people pleasing, creating magical lands of adventure and always looking for something more. That was me and that’s still me. I’ve always been a dreamer but I’ve always been afraid to take the risk. There was always some reason for me not to take the leap. It would hurt someone’s feelings, it may… View Post