Motivation Monday: Be present in the moment.

I’m blogging from a hotel room on this lovely early morning and I’m thinking about all the amazing experiences I’ve had this year.  It’s been completely amazing and there has been one take back from it all. Be present in the moment. That is today’s motivation Monday message.  It’s an important message to send, especially at this time of year. It’s Thanksgiving week which means a big meal to made and friends and family gathering together.  It can be hetic and overwhelming, but it’s also meant to be a time to be thankful and enjoy the time.  Don’t forget that… View Post

Tips for gaining focus

I’ll cut the small talk and just be honest, I have been lacking focus. I’m easily distracted and that has really killed my productivity. That’s why things have been lacking here in the blog department. The slightest thing will throw me off course and it’s hard for me to get back on this figurative road. Do you know how many times I’ve jumped off this blog post already? I’ve only typed three sentences. I decided my office today would be Panera. You know, because it’s easy not to get distracted here. Wrong! Whever my focus has gone, I would like… View Post

My mom’s breast cancer is a moment that changed me

This past weekend I participated in the Gift of Life Color Rush 5k in celebration of my mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2012. It’s not really something I talked about too much because it was hard and difficult. Also, the fact that my mom has cancer wasn’t something we wanted floating around time. There was only one thing that mattered and that she was getting the best treatment. Spoiler alert: my mom is cancer free! It’s a blessing. After spending some time with my mom, I realized I was the reason she got herself checked because… View Post

Five Things: Success, support, compromise and love

It’s late but I do have to apologize for not being very present on the blog lately.  Things got busy and this not boing my full time job this is something that kind of gets pushed to the back. Today I’m talking about just some general things about improving relationships, achieving your goals and things like that.  Things got a little serious the other day for some reason but I wanted to share some of those things with you guys. Here is my list of my five things to keep in mind as we go through life: 1. Organization is… View Post

Sleep debt: are you suffering?

Monday morning, the alarm went off and I hit the snooze button.  Sunday night, I stayed up a little later because I was working on some blog projects and it messed with my routine a bit.  Sunday work, turned into a Monday morning snooze that lasted long enough for me to miss my morning workout.  What’s up with that? Monday afternoon, I start going through my e-mail and find something interesting about sleep deprivation.  Keep in mind, I didn’t think I was sleep deprived because I go to sleep at old lady time.  I’m usually in bed by 9pm if… View Post