Healthy eating with chicken: three recipes I will to try

We eat a lot of chicken, turkey and fish in our house. Red meat is limited, Willie eats it but I tend to shy away from it.  Eating lean meats is a huge part of our healthy eating plan. I’ve been trying to find some ways to enjoy chicken besides the usual ways. This week for lunch I made a chicken soup from the Runner’s World Cookbook.  I was in a pinch because I needed a meal for the week but I didn’t have enough time slave over the stove.  I needed to use the crock pot. I have to… View Post

Meal prep and the chicken

Now that I have a little bit of time I’ll continue talking about meal prepping. The biggest question people talk about is what food do I cook that lasts all week. This seems to be an issue with people. I’ve never had food go back in the fridge. I cook on Sunday and I’ll meal prep for all meals until Friday. Is food going bad really a problem? Like I’ve already mentioned, I make the food and portion it out right away so every meal is grab and go. I love chicken. I eat lots of chicken. I cook it… View Post

Sweet potato hash with an egg

Remember when I told you about all the good stuff in Eggland’s Best eggs? I wanted to make something different that featured the egg and I came up with a sweet potato hash. To be honest, I had to use what was in the house already. Willie always tells me I’m the master of making something out of nothing, fast. Hash usually has some not so healthy things in it like fatty meats or cheeses or whatever your heart my desire but I wanted to try a more health conscious version for everyone to enjoy. Sweet potato hash with an… View Post

Make this right now: Pecan Pistachio Salad

I promised I would share some healthier dishes that you can add to your Christmas and New Years celebrations.  I served it up at my family Christmas this past weekend and everyone was surprised it was something that I made.  Everyone thought it was more sinful than what it actually was.  It’s simple and easy and doesn’t take long to make.  Here is what you need: 1/2 cup crushed pineapple 1/2 cup chopped pecans 1 package SUGAR FREE Pistachio pudding mix 1 32 oz container plain or vanilla lowfat Greek Yogurt Mix the pineapple, pudding mix and greek yogurt a… View Post

For the love of root vegetables and apples

Everyone is very focused on the holidays and looking forward to Thanksgiving, right? Fall is my favorite season because of all the great foods that come back into season.  I wanted to share with you some of my favorites of the seasons.  Spoiler alert:  you will not see pumpkin on this list.  Don’t get me wrong, I love pumpkin but I feel like most people go ga-ga over pumpkin and now we’re in pumpkin overload.  I blame it on the pumpkin spice latte. Root vegetables: Before weight loss I never met a potato I didn’t like. I loved potatoes and… View Post