Welcome to What I Ate Wednesday focusing on the food I ate in Indianapolis at Fitbloggin.  I didn’t expect the food scene to be that amazing in Indy but there was some great stuff there.  Lots of different varieties of food to choose from so it was always an adventure. Thursday I went on a pre-conference excursion to Lifetime Fitness.  They had food for us to enjoy after our workouts.  Of course, it was stuff made in-house and is sold at the gym.  There was chicken salad and other lunch meat sandwiches which I can’t have so I just enjoyed… View Post

I know kale is one of those things that is super healthy for us and we’re supposed to want to eat it.  I’ve done my fair share of talking about kale myself. I have to admit, I don’t like making kale.  I almost want to say that I don’t like kale but that wouldn’t be the truth.  I do like kale…when someone else prepares it. I can’t seem to make the stuff taste good on my own, so I prefer to buy the stuff at the store. Kale is to taste good and it’s just not something I’ve mastered.  I’ll… View Post

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a creature of habit.  We eat the same thing all week for dinner, if it’s good I’ll suggest that we have it again the next week.  I’ll eat the same things for lunch too.  It doesn’t bother me. Most people don’t like leftovers, but I love for them.  I guess there’s a little comfort in knowing what I’m getting.  What’s the point on wasting calories on something you don’t like?  I DO understand there is something a little bit wrong with that, but my weekends are for experimenting…not my weekdays. Yesterday I strayed from the… View Post

It’s Monday! It’s the beginning of the new week and it’s time to start anew. Remember, there are good things about Mondays. There are a couple of things I have gotten away from that I think are very important and I don’t know why I stopped going them. The first thing is setting weekly and monthly goals. The monthly goal post was something I did regularly on the blog but I got away from it for some reason. Maybe I thought no one was interested in my goals or just thought it was a meaningless post…and that may actually be… View Post

I really wanted a calzone carbs this week but I was trying to be good.  I was going to stay away from the bread.  I looked a pinterest for all this wonderful ideas of variations on a calzone.  Spoiler alert:  I should have tried one of those ideas instead of what I did.  Today I’m sharing with you my calzone cooking fail. On pinterest I came across a calzone made with egg roll wrappers and I thought it was a great idea considering egg roll wrappers are lower in calories than some other choices.  But the problem was I didn’t… View Post